Scott and his Grandson Hunter

Fun day of local bass fishing with Scott FisI had the boys mainly fishing Wax Wings and they did not disappoint as the fish were all over them. Hunter caught Calico Bass, Bonito, and Barracuda all by himself! We left the bass area to find some bigger Bonito and Barracuda, maybe even a Yellowtail. On the way we saw a whale jumping and it turned out to be a Humpback Whale! I had never seen one before! Awesome day guys hope to have you aboard soon!

Ali and the boys!

Fun day of fishing with one of my regulars Ali and his son Hussein and his nephew Hassan. Goal was to put the boys on Yellowtail and go catch a bunch of Calico Bass. We got Hussein on one and could not manage to hook another! Had great Calico fishing up at Palos Verdes! Always great to have Ali out! One of the hardest fishing guys I know! Thanks again Ali!

Saltwater Bass Anglers 2015 Elite Championship

Over the weekend my tournament partner, Keith Michael and I, fished the SWBA-Saltwater Bass Anglers Elite Championships for bragging rights of the best Top 20. We finished the season out of the Top 10 at 12th place, 4th Place finish in the last event helped us make the Championship. The two day event with 20 hours of tournament time was a grind. The first day was was all fishing inside the breakwater from Seal Beach to Cabrillo. We finished the first day in 5th place with 9.13 pounds, 4 pounds off the lead! With the second day and 11 hours of fishing, I knew we needed to be patient and pace ourselves. We were gonna fish Palos Verdes! I knew there was really good fishing later in the day when the tide was going out as it has been the last few weeks as my guide trips has shown. We had a very slow morning! Was not until mid day we started to get on some bites. It was not until 2pm is when it was starting to come together! I lost a GIANT near the eventual winning team Aroo Roo, Matt and Andy! I was heartbroken as they would have sealed the deal. I composed myself and hit one more spot at 4:25pm, check in time was at 5pm! We made a cast and I'm on! Keith grabs the net, I tell him, "Cast, Cast, Cast!" I'm culling a 2 pounder for a 5 pounder then Keith swings this 6 pounder, we cull another 2.5 pounder for a 6+ pounder and we are out of there! 

Ended up for the day at 22.87 pounds with a combined weight of 32.00 pounds for the two day event and 2nd Place! Can't thank the SWBA-Saltwater Bass Anglers, Susan Park, James Shamblin, Eric Bent, and Tammy for all their efforts in providing us west coast anglers a platform to do what we have a passion to do! My partner and dear friend Keith, for all his patience and hard work in continually putting big fish on the boat! All the sponsors that support the events and of course the anglers that continue to make us better competitive anglers as they continue to raise the bar themselves! of course our Team/My sponsors: #anglersmarine #rangerboats #mercurymarine #shimano #aftco#mauijim #olukai #lowrance #simms #warbaits #powerpro #jackall #gloomis#bighammer 

Congratualtions to Team Aroo Roo, Matt and Andy! We have great momentum going into 2016 season! Thanks again!


Special Father and Daughter trip!

Had a charter cancel on Monday and my long time friend Mike Killeen called and asked if I had any open dates, and he made a call to his daughter Caitlin and we are on! Mike explained to me that Mike asked Caitlin what she wanted for her birthday? She said, "Scope for my rifle and to catch a Yellowtail!" All I had to do was to get Caitlin on a Yellowtail! No Pressure, right? Got to the area where I have been getting them, we have breaking fish so I am very confident now. I hook and hand one to Caitlin! She fights this fish a few and we get it to deep color and it comes unbuttoned! No worries! Hook another one and this is a bigger fish! Caitlin fights this one and it gets hung up on a stringer and comes off! Caitlin still positive and goes back to tossing the iron. While we are casting surface iron, I have two bait rods out and one gets bit, MIke picks it up and is ready to hand it to Caitlin when the other goes off! How perfect! I am standing back and watching father/daughter with huge smiles on their faces! Mike gaffs Caitlin's fish! Mission accomplished! Happy Birthday Caitlin! Oh, we went fishing for Calico's and they were biting! Mike my good friend, it was a pleasure to share this special day with you and Caitlin! 

Franny's Belated BirthdayTrip!

Trip was to get on some Yellowtail, we did, 5, and then go fishing for Bass, we did! Another fun trip guys! Nice job on the Yellowtail! Bass fishing was tougher today with all the wind. Highlight was the 9.6 pound Calico Bass I landed on the Surface Iron! Thanks again guys! Happy belated birthday Franny!

Just Ali and I for some straight Plug fishing!

Fished with Ali Chahaine one of my regular guests who has currently the largest Yellowfin Tuna at 364 pounds aboard the Royal Polaris this year! Ali is a hardcore angler and his gear is the best! We got 14 Yellowtail on the surface iron this trip! We released all our fish! Another great trip Ali!

Jake Brown Charter

Jake Brown with his buddy Mina, and Mina's girlfriends dad Rick. Day started off getting called in to a bite by the half day boat Southern Cal! Thanks boys! We just could not get bit on the iron where I was set up, so, I reset above them and the Victory, who the So Cal also called in, We start to get bit! I get bit and hand it off to Jake, Mina gets bit. It is on! We ended up with 9 fish all on the Surface Iron, Kicker 25L anything Mint in it! We get it done on the Yellowtail grounds and finish up on some Calico Bass fishing at Palos Verdes! Thanks guys for a great trip! Hope to see you aboard again soon!

Let's Talk Hook Up winner John Flaherty

John Flaherty won a free fishing trip with me from Let's Talk Hook Up radio show last year. After getting some dates squared away we got out today! John brought along his buddy Mark.  Perfect timing as I was finally outfitted with new Shimano Teramar rods and spooled all my reels with new Power Pro Max Quatro line. We were to try to get Mark on his first Yellowtail and catch a few Calico Bass. Mission accomplished! Mark got two nice Yellowtail on a Kicker Jigs 25L in Mint white! We all actually got into them pretty good! Good volume of fish on the Horseshoe Kelp area right now! Congratulations again John! 

Local Fishing with Reel guys from Shimano

Try to take the service guys out from Shimano's customer service and reel service out for their appreciation of the hard work they do to keep my equipment in the best working order and it was Diego and Trevor's turn to fish with me. We fished local to try our hand at some local Yellowtail, but, no biters for us. Decided to go Calico Bass fishing at Palos Verdes for a good pick on the bass until Diego hangs a monster! We are standing on the bow with a double going on the Jackall Squad Minnow rip baits when we see this giant Sea Bass come up and, we thought eat the Calico, but, actually at his bait! Fish gets caught in kelp and I move the boat around and finally get the fish free! One more run and I sink the gaff into the head of Diego's 40 pound class Sea Bass! Great day on the water boys! Thanks for all you and the rest of the team do!

Local Yellowtail and Calico Bass!

Another trip with Scott Manson and his buddy "Franny". Local half day. Goal was to get into a couple of Yellowtail and go Calico Bass fishing. Both goals achieved! A 30 pound class Yellowtail for Franny and a 20 pound class Yellow for Scott all done by 8 am. Franny's fish caught on a KICKER 25L in Mint White surface iron, Shimano Teramar 90H, Tranx 500HG spooled with 80 pound Max Quatro Power Pro braided line. Calico fishing was also pretty darn good! Scott keeps a counter and he got well over 40 bass himself! Thanks again guys, see you in a few weeks!

FLW Pro Marcus Sycora and son Mason

Had the pleasure of taking FLW, Mercury Pro, Marcus Sycora and his five year old son Mason, visiting California and to get some fishing while out. Went to the Horseshoe to get in on some Barracuda and Yellowtail action. Got into the Barracuda pretty darn good! Did not get a chance to get a Yellow. Off to Palos Verdes for some very good Calico Bass fishing! Mason held his own getting into some nice Calico Bass on Jerk Baits. Marcus showed his bass know how by getting on them pretty good! Fun Day with one of the nicest guys out there! His son Mason was awesome and hung in there all day! Hope see you again soon guys!

Robbie and his buddy Mike local charter

Great charter late last week with Robbie Robinson and his buddy Mike. We saw good sign of Yellowtail on the spot and we got two! Well, Mike got two! Also got double limits of Calico Bass and a few Barracuda mixed in. Still a good volume of fish in the area! Thanks again guys, see you next month!

1.5 Day Shimano / Let's Talk Hook Up on the Searcher

Trip number two on the Searcher for Shimano/Let's Talk Hook Up Seminar trips for 2015! Twenty seven eager anglers ready to do battle with tuna, yellowtail, and dorado! All anglers were greeted by Celia and Jenn in the office. As the anglers boarded the Searcher, they were greeted with a nice new Shimano hat. After we settled in, got bait, we were off 90 miles south east to find some eager biters. Ride out was a bit bumpy, but, settled throughout the day. We had several good stops for Yellowfin Tuna and very nice Yellowtail off the kelps. We had several small Dorado, and some nice ones up to 20 pounds! Charles and Dan did a fantastic job of keeping us fed with great meals with the highlight meal was a braised short rib, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled veggies. Captain Aaron and his crew as usual did a fantastic job! Ken, Joe, and Ryan were helping me and the passengers through every tangle and fish. Searcher Sportfishing for all your off shore needs in fishing from 1.5 day to 7 day trips.  

Final Count: 68 Yellowfin Tuna 38 Yellowtail 8 Dorado 2 Skipjack

Rick and Kyle Grover with guest BASS Elite Pro Brent Erhler

Had the call to go fishing from Rick Grover of Angler's Marine, his son Kyle, and BASS Elite pro Brent Ehrler. The goal was to go to San Clemente Island. Headed to the east of Catalina Island and the wind was already howling out of the west! Decided to fish Cat for not too much! Decided to go to n area where we could get on a good bass bite to salvage the day. Stopped at the 150 for a fish that rolled on a Surface Iron and we headed to my area on the beach. We had pretty much steady Calico Bass fishing until we had nice size Yellow's chasing hooked bass! We fished harder on the Surface Iron until I hear Kyle yell, "I'm on, I'm on!" Yellow! We get a gaff on a 20 pound class Yellow! Awesome to get one on this spot. A little while later after catching a bunch more Calico's, I hear this explosion on the bow, and Brent's yelling, "Yellow, Yellow!" We are on again! Brent fights that thing and gives no quarter and I stick a gaff in his 30 pound class Yellowtail! What a great day of fishing! Decisions is what makes fishing fun! When you make the right call and it just comes together! Thanks to Rick for putting this trip together! I have never fished with Kyle, It was a pleasure and I could see why he is an up and coming FLW star out on the circuit, and of course Brent Ehrler BASS Elite Pro for showing why he is one of the best anglers out there! You guys can fish e anytime! 

Dan, Glenn, and Brian Re-do!

Dan, Glenn, and Brian decided to get more experience on the water a week later. Man, what a day! Four more Yellowtail and a bunch of Calico Bass! We got into them pretty good as far as Yellows! All caught on the Kicker 25L Mint or Smelt color ways. Also went Calico fishing after the Yellow bite for great results! Video to come soon! Thanks again guys!

Jeremy and Cherith Charter

Charter with Jeremy and Cherith Evans.Goal was to get a Yellowtail for Cherith. Had several chances on a few bird schools. Finally got into one that wanted to bite. Cherith hooked her first one and fought it like a champ! Mission accomplished for Cherith. Looked around more to get Jeremy on one, never happened so off to Palos Verdes for some Calico Bass fishing. Took a bit to get them figured out, but, when we did, it was pretty good once we get into the right kelp. Thanks again Jeremy and Cherith on a great day!

Dan, Glenn, Brian Shakedown Monday June 22nd

Had a charter aboard Dan's (Who use to work for me back in my restaurant days in Huntington Beach) beautiful 31 foot center console powered by twin 300 motors, Simrad electronics. Dan hired me to help with the operation of his boat and fishing techniques. After spending a few hours on electronics demo and operation, we off out of Newport harbor to set up on some spots. What a better place to set up on than the Pipe! The Pipe was was chewing! Clouds of Calico's attacking Surface Iron and Wax Wings almost every cast! After a few hours the guys wanted to get into that great Yellowtail fishing, so, off we went. Found some nice bird schools south of the area, but, fish were moving quick. Got into the area on the outside of the spot and found willing biters right away! Had schools of Yellows chasing jigs all the way to the boat. Finally for about an hour they went on a tear! We had a dozen chances and managed to get 7 fish to the boat! For them it was first! First Calico on the boat, Yellowtail on the boat, and chasing bird schools! All our fish were hooked or caught on the Mint colored Kicker 25L! Thanks guys, see you next Monday!

Jeff Rodgers Two day adventure!

Had Jeff Rodgers from Washington State who comes out a few days to come out and do some Calico Bass fishing. My good friend Justin Reynolds accommodates Je says to me, "You think will have a shot?" I say, "Absolutely!' Of course I drive around looking from one bird school to the next for nothing. Of course I am ready to call it a day when I spot a full foamer of breaking Yellows! I pull up and Jeff hangs one right away! I am stoked! I cast and hang one also! I put that rod in the rod holder and cast a Wax Wing into the melee and hang another! We have a triple before dark! Just awesome way to end day one! 

Day Two: San Clemente Island! Awesome Calico Bass fishing on the Iron all day long! Jeff got his PB, Great crossing to and from the Island! Not too much to say about great fishing, friendship, and stoke! Thanks Jeff until our next adventure!

Cayden Matro's First Yellowtail!

Had Ron Matro and his young son Cayden on the 240 Bahia to get Cayden's first Yellowtail and Calico Bass. Mission accomplished! We looked around below the 150 away from the crowd for not too much. Decided to head west where I have been getting a few in the afternoon. We pull up and we spot a nice foamer right away and we are doubled up! I hook and hand to Cayden and we off to the races! Mind you I hook that thing on a Shimano Teramar 90H rod, 80 pound Power Pro on a Tranx 500HG reel, my regular iron set up! Hooked that fish on a Kicker Jigs 25L in Smelt color way. I had to hold the rod as Cayden did battle on this 20 pound class Yellowtail! He did all the work and did an amazing job the whole way through the fight! I only held the rod so it did not go in the water. After a twenty minute battle, his dad Ron, sunk the gaff into this beautiful local fish! We managed 4 nice fish for the morning and left them biting! Yikes, I know! It killed me, but, we were off to some wide open Calico Bass for Cayden. Accomplished the two goals, great time watching Cayden battle his fish! Awesome as always Ron!