Some Great Local Fishing from PV to Malibu!

Had my regulars, Jesse and Jason. Jesse brought along his uncle, Santiago. We started of up at PV on the grey light for really good Calico fishing on Swimbaits! Bite kind of slowed, so I motored up to the Malibu area for a good pick on MC 6" weedless baits, swimbaits, and surface iron. Jesse hooked a giant that went 7 on the Boga on a surface iron! Worked our way up to the Santa Monica wall for a wide open bite on 1-3 pounders on Plain Jane A Rigs (Performance Tackle). I wanted to get back to PV where we got into a really good bite with Jason landing PB at right at 7 also! Jason got his PB on a MC 6" weedless in Grunion pattern. Finished up at White's as the tide topped out for a great day of fishing! Thanks boys, we'll see you in a few weeks!

Fishing with Shimano Boys at San Clemente Island and Palos Verdes May 26th and 27th

Friday May 26 SCI: Fished with Dan Thorburn, Trevor Weeks, and Kenji Yoshida from Shimano to do some field testing at San Clemente Island. Fishing mainly the west end, fishing was steady all morning going into the afternoon it went wide! Got on a really good bite in West Cove on the surface iron. Weedless bite on the leading edges was really good with Kenji getting blown up on by some really big fish! It was Kenji's first time to SCI and it did not disappoint. Weedless bait of choice was MC 6" weedless in Brown colors worked real well. We finished our day outside of North West Harbor in 40 feet of water for WIDE open swimbait bite with fish up 5 pounds with steady 3-4 pounders!    

Saturday May 27th PV: Fished with Dan Thorburn (Back to Back) and Alex Kim Reel Tech Shimano. Alex's second trip Calico fishing, one I think he will never forget! Alex go a 6 plus pounder and probably caught well over 30 bass also! Dan also got one over 6! We fish a number of different patterns from A Rig by Plain Jane rigged with 3/8 oz. War Baits and 4" Mano swimbaits, Square Bill crank baits, MC Weedless in 6", and the surface iron. I have been fishing an area that has been producing in the afternoon right after the tide swing and this day was right on schedule as we got into a steady bite! I fishing a surface iron by Kicker in a new colorway called "Rock Copper" and was getting good ones to bite! I had a 5 pounder eat it at the boat as we all watched go down! The highlight was when I had a pack of Giants, 8 plus pound class, blow up and chase my jig and hooked one! Fished weighed on the Boga at 8.25! We all caught a lot of bass today!  

Local Bass at Palos Verdes May 25th

Really fun local bass fishing right now! They bit the surface iron really good in the afternoon. I had Jeremiah and Evan from Phenix rods. Surface iron of choice was a Kicker 25L in any brown colors. Big fish was over 6 pounds by Evan. Get out there as the bass are starting to get into pre-spawn mode!

El Salto

Was invited to go to El Salto at Billy Chapman's Anglers Inn with my good friend Ali Chahine. Ali is a hard core angler! His resume in big fish accolades, 364 Yellowfin Tuna on the Royal Polaris, 264 Bluefin on Bongos last year, 11 pound Calico Bass Cedros Island, and on and on! Ali has never been freshwater bass fishing! He prepared well by seeking advice from one of the best freshwater rod builders, Marc Higashi owner of Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos. Marc gave Ali advice on rods to build and tackle needed for our trip. Ali was prepared. As for me, it has been a few years, but, I had to take tackle and rods from the rack and put them together for our trip. Needless to say, I was beyond excited! Two hour flight from LAX to Mazatlan airport. Met by our guy Enrique in an air conditioned van with ice cold Pacificos! Two hours and we arrive at the Lodge with more ice cold beers, nachos, and sandwiches. We run to our air conditioned rooms to put tackle and rods together to get an afternoon session in! Fishing was fair as we had to get use to our gear and the bite. Day ended with the sun setting on the lake and straight to dinner for an awesome meal. Meals were Awesome! Ribeye steaks, Lobster, Shrimp, Mexican buffet, etc. Food the entire trip was awesome. Another thing they do, Is laundry every day! So you can go with 3 change of clothes and have clean clothes every day. The service is just superb! Did not have to ever carry a thing! Oh, and open bar. Cuba Libre todo e dia! The experience was second to none! I can't THANK my good friend Ali enough for this trip. If your thinking about fishing at world class resort, Billy Chapman's Anglers Inn at El Salto lake is the place I would suggest! Everyone I spoke to said I would really enjoy myself! I Did!

Cash Gould's SCI Birthday Trip

What do you want to do for your 11th birthday? Go fishing at San Clemente Island Calico Bass fishing with Benny! Fished with Jesse Gould and his buddy Jason, who has become a regular, and his son, Cash "Money", a few times now. Cash has been to Palos Verdes, Catalina Island, and now San Clemente Island. Cash has also fish with great captain's, Duane Diego of Pinnacle Sportfishing for Tuna, and Matt Barlow of Impulse Sportfishing, both out of Dana Landing in Mission Bay. Jesse, Cash's dad has introduced Cash to Calico fishing and they are both into it! Weather on this day was just incredible! Fishing started out SLOW! We started on the front around White Rock for one Yellowtail. Not a single bass. I knew it would be an afternoon bite. Well the afternoon did not dissappoint! It was steady fishing from 2 pm until sunset. The ride home from the west end of San Clemente to Dana Point was awesome! We got home in 1 hour and 20 mintues going 40 knots all the way to the harbor! Thanks for letting spend this special day with you guys! Happy Birthday Cash!

Sunset on the west end of San Clemente Island with Castle Rock in the background! My office never gets old!

Sunset on the west end of San Clemente Island with Castle Rock in the background! My office never gets old!

San Clemente Island

Took a trip to San Clemente Island with Ron Matro, Scott Manson, and Mike Epsten last Saturday to do some bass fishing. Weather was outstanding, except the fog we encountered 10 miles out of Dana Point! The fog cleared 6 miles out from the entrance, thank god! Dark plus foggy equals lots of stress! The fishing at the island was Great! steady all day with alot of followers of small to medium grade Yellowtail. We went out to the 9 Fathom on the west end and chased nicer grade of Yellowtail and what looked like Tuna mixed in. The fish chased our jigs, but, did not want to bite. Probably 100 plus Calico Bass for the day! Finished up with a Hot Giullano meatball sandwiches washed down with a cold Ballst Point Grunion beer. Thanks again Ron, Scott, and Mike for a memorable trip!

Happy Birthday Clark! Happiest Place on Earth, SCI!

Had Clark Endres from Tacklewarehouse for his annual birthday trip. Destination was San Clemente Island! Being a freshwater bass guy, excited, to say the least. SCI did not disappoint! First spot pretty much kicked out 30 plus bass! The rest of the day went the same all day! Went through about 60 baits as the bit mainly swimbaits. Had another great trip Clark! 

Cedros Island 2016

Got the invite from one of my regulars/good friend, Ali Chahine, to come along and fish Cedros Island for five days! Also invited was Roger Eckhardt from Sav On Tackle! The ammenities and lodgings at Cedros Outdoor Adventures was fantastic! Jose and his staff do a great job! Food was great along with the rooms! The view was awesome! The fishing, well, let's just say 200 plus Calico Bass each day, Yellowtail up to 40 pounds! I brought along the new Shimano Colt Sniper Jerk Baits and they did not dissappoint! Got a 40 pound Yellow on the Mackeral pattern bait! Ali was the big stick getting a 10.5 pound Calico and a 41 pound Yellow! Our best 5 Calico Bass would have gone 39.6 pounds! Thanks to Ali for the friendship and one the hardest fishing guys I know! Photos speak for themselves, enjoy!

San Clemente Island Saturday

Had a chance to fish two of my good friends, Keith Michael, my current tournament team partner, and my past tournament partner, Eric Neiman. Between the the both of them, we have won an AOY, Elite Chamionship, and a number of tournament wins! They are both current Shimano pro staffers and all around good people to fish with. Today was no different as San Clemente Island was our destination. We were targeting Cod (Red Snapper, Ling's, etc), Yellowtail, and Calico Bass.

I knew it would be a tough morning bite, so we decided to get the cod thing out of the way. After an hour were able to get enough for eats. We fished outside the West end around the 9 Fathom area. Was hoping for the Yellowtail to pop, which never did. We worked our way up the front and picked away at Calico Bass. We had to find off colored water to get the biters. We got into one are of off colored water that chewed the Kicker 25L's really good. We had dark over cast skies and we figured out that the darker colored irons were getting bit good. We also caught a few Yellows in random areas that I tagged and we released. Ended up back up at the west end for a quick flurry and a nice sized bonito by Eric. Lots of laughs and good friendship along with fun fishing all day! Weather going to the island was a little cold with a mixed swell on the back. Coming was an 1.5 hour ride home in the dark at average speed of 43.6 miles per hour! Winter is here, but, the fishing is still solid! I heard they bit good on the beach at PV also. Water temp outside ranged from 66.7-68 degrees for November 28th!

Report from Cabo!

Received an e mail from a regular guest with Coastal Charters, Mike McLachlin, with his son, Luke, while vacationing in sunny Cabo san Lucas at the Solmar hotel. Some photos of two nice Dorado caught right out front of the hotel on the beach! They got the Dorado on Shimano's Teramar 90H jig stick, Torium 16A spooled with Power Pro. The jig they used was a surface iron! Great catch Mike and Luke! Happy Holidays! Hope to see you on board soon.

Local Calico Bass fishing Palos Verdes with Sav On Tackle

Took a few of the boys, Diego, Shaun, and Jeff, from Sav On Tackle in in Santa Fe Springs out for some local Calico Bass fishing. Worked our way around from Point Fermin to Rocky Point for a variety of fish fro Barracuda, Bonito, White Sea Bass, and Calico Bass. We caught a majority of the fish on 5" Swimbaits and Jackall's Squad Minnow 128. Shaun spent most of the day throwing a Triple Trout in Gold Bar color way with some success! This captain managed a nice one on the Squad Minnow! Fun times with some very knowledge in bot salt and fresh water. These can also fish! Go to Sav On Tackle for all your fishing needs.

San Clemente Winter Bassin' in Full Swing!

Earlier in the week charter with Ali Chahaine to San Clemente Island. Awesome weather! Flat calm with a great ride to the island in an hour and 20 minutes! Fished mainly the West end for solid biters in pockets of decent fish all day long! Fish bit the iron really well! The highlight  was coming home averaging at 47.6 MPH in a record 1 hour and 10 minutes to Alamitos entrance! We were falling asleep half way home  because it so flat. Thanks Ali for an awesome trip! Not a drop this time lol.

Just a Huge THANK YOU to all the Anglers this past Summer!

Well this fishing year will go down in history for 2015 for Yellowtail fishing with Coastal Charters! There were some PB's and Firsts this year! As old as 5 years old to 75 years old! I enjoyed sharing a lot of special moments with all of you! Just wanted to post some numbers to give you an idea on what you all have done with Coastal Charters this year:

These numbers are from February through September:

Total Yellowtail: 368 Landed 62 released Totaling:430

Total Anglers: 128

Days Caught Yellowtail: 84 or a 5 fish average per day! 

Most Yellowtail caught on one trip was 21!

We had 31 first timers, 28 PB's, largest Yellowtail was over 40 pounds, youngest angler to land a Yellowtail was 5 years old!

These are just Yellowtail numbers! This does not count the Calico Bass that was caught! Another thing is that all these fish were caught mainly on the Surface Iron! I had some beginners, First Timers, get there first Yellowtail on the Iron! Just Awesome stuff!

Thanks again to all the anglers that fish with Coastal Charters! Look forward to "Having you Aboard again soon!"

Kids are Special at Coastal Charters!

I just want to take this time to THANK all the parents, uncles, grand parents for coming aboard and sharing there special fishing time with me. Here is just a few photos of kids young and old who have been aboard this for a memorable fishing year! I have had some Awesome trips with very enthusiastic young anglers this past summer! THANK YOU again and hope to see you aboard soon. 

All Day at San Clemente Island

Had a full day trip scheduled with David Saraye and his buddy Keith. Fishing has been on and off all week, so, I suggested San Clemente Island to fish Calico Bass and Yellowtail. Glad we did as we had incredible weather all day. We had steady fishing all day working the tide. Fished from the west end to the east and into Pyramid Cove for flurriesWe had a really nice ride home even stopping on a kelp for one Yellowfin tuna on a Colt Sniper! Dave and Keith thanks so much! Hope to see you aboard soon!

Catalina Island Yellowtail

Trip scheduled to fish Inshore Yellowtail, but, it has been scratchy at best, so, I decided to hit Catalina Island. We pulled up to the spot and we had fish rolling all over! We had a quick double with one of the fish breaking off. Current died and tried to fish Calico Bass for only a few biters. Decided to work west for another Yellow on bait. Decided to finish the day fishing Calico's on the beach where the fish were on a nice steady bite for easy limit style fishing! Thanks Sam, Carlos, and Joe! Hopeto see you guys aboard soon!

SCI with Ron and David

Had Ron Matro and his good friend and owner of XL Printing and OC Auto Wraps, David Ibara. Originally to fish local, but, I wanted to get into good Calico Bass fishing, so I decided to go to San Clemente Island! She did not disappoint as we had excellent fishing for quality bass all day long! It was pretty much wide open at one point! Ron was killing it on the big Rip Bait with three times getting doubles on one lure! Definite highlight was chasing Bluefin and Yellowfin just off the beach! We chased them and watched as 30-50 pound tuna getting airborne!  David managed to hook one on the weedless, but, busted him off! We caught, tagged, and released a bunch of small Yellowtail that were mixed in with the tuna along with nice grade of Bonito! It was a day in the memory books! Thanks Ron and David for an Outstanding trip!