El Salto

Was invited to go to El Salto at Billy Chapman's Anglers Inn with my good friend Ali Chahine. Ali is a hard core angler! His resume in big fish accolades, 364 Yellowfin Tuna on the Royal Polaris, 264 Bluefin on Bongos last year, 11 pound Calico Bass Cedros Island, and on and on! Ali has never been freshwater bass fishing! He prepared well by seeking advice from one of the best freshwater rod builders, Marc Higashi owner of Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos. Marc gave Ali advice on rods to build and tackle needed for our trip. Ali was prepared. As for me, it has been a few years, but, I had to take tackle and rods from the rack and put them together for our trip. Needless to say, I was beyond excited! Two hour flight from LAX to Mazatlan airport. Met by our guy Enrique in an air conditioned van with ice cold Pacificos! Two hours and we arrive at the Lodge with more ice cold beers, nachos, and sandwiches. We run to our air conditioned rooms to put tackle and rods together to get an afternoon session in! Fishing was fair as we had to get use to our gear and the bite. Day ended with the sun setting on the lake and straight to dinner for an awesome meal. Meals were Awesome! Ribeye steaks, Lobster, Shrimp, Mexican buffet, etc. Food the entire trip was awesome. Another thing they do, Is laundry every day! So you can go with 3 change of clothes and have clean clothes every day. The service is just superb! Did not have to ever carry a thing! Oh, and open bar. Cuba Libre todo e dia! The experience was second to none! I can't THANK my good friend Ali enough for this trip. If your thinking about fishing at world class resort, Billy Chapman's Anglers Inn at El Salto lake is the place I would suggest! Everyone I spoke to said I would really enjoy myself! I Did!