Special Father and Daughter trip!

Had a charter cancel on Monday and my long time friend Mike Killeen called and asked if I had any open dates, and he made a call to his daughter Caitlin and we are on! Mike explained to me that Mike asked Caitlin what she wanted for her birthday? She said, "Scope for my rifle and to catch a Yellowtail!" All I had to do was to get Caitlin on a Yellowtail! No Pressure, right? Got to the area where I have been getting them, we have breaking fish so I am very confident now. I hook and hand one to Caitlin! She fights this fish a few and we get it to deep color and it comes unbuttoned! No worries! Hook another one and this is a bigger fish! Caitlin fights this one and it gets hung up on a stringer and comes off! Caitlin still positive and goes back to tossing the iron. While we are casting surface iron, I have two bait rods out and one gets bit, MIke picks it up and is ready to hand it to Caitlin when the other goes off! How perfect! I am standing back and watching father/daughter with huge smiles on their faces! Mike gaffs Caitlin's fish! Mission accomplished! Happy Birthday Caitlin! Oh, we went fishing for Calico's and they were biting! Mike my good friend, it was a pleasure to share this special day with you and Caitlin!