Local Fishing with Reel guys from Shimano

Try to take the service guys out from Shimano's customer service and reel service out for their appreciation of the hard work they do to keep my equipment in the best working order and it was Diego and Trevor's turn to fish with me. We fished local to try our hand at some local Yellowtail, but, no biters for us. Decided to go Calico Bass fishing at Palos Verdes for a good pick on the bass until Diego hangs a monster! We are standing on the bow with a double going on the Jackall Squad Minnow rip baits when we see this giant Sea Bass come up and, we thought eat the Calico, but, actually at his bait! Fish gets caught in kelp and I move the boat around and finally get the fish free! One more run and I sink the gaff into the head of Diego's 40 pound class Sea Bass! Great day on the water boys! Thanks for all you and the rest of the team do!