Jeff Rodgers Two day adventure!

Had Jeff Rodgers from Washington State who comes out a few days to come out and do some Calico Bass fishing. My good friend Justin Reynolds accommodates Je says to me, "You think will have a shot?" I say, "Absolutely!' Of course I drive around looking from one bird school to the next for nothing. Of course I am ready to call it a day when I spot a full foamer of breaking Yellows! I pull up and Jeff hangs one right away! I am stoked! I cast and hang one also! I put that rod in the rod holder and cast a Wax Wing into the melee and hang another! We have a triple before dark! Just awesome way to end day one! 

Day Two: San Clemente Island! Awesome Calico Bass fishing on the Iron all day long! Jeff got his PB, Great crossing to and from the Island! Not too much to say about great fishing, friendship, and stoke! Thanks Jeff until our next adventure!