Cayden Matro's First Yellowtail!

Had Ron Matro and his young son Cayden on the 240 Bahia to get Cayden's first Yellowtail and Calico Bass. Mission accomplished! We looked around below the 150 away from the crowd for not too much. Decided to head west where I have been getting a few in the afternoon. We pull up and we spot a nice foamer right away and we are doubled up! I hook and hand to Cayden and we off to the races! Mind you I hook that thing on a Shimano Teramar 90H rod, 80 pound Power Pro on a Tranx 500HG reel, my regular iron set up! Hooked that fish on a Kicker Jigs 25L in Smelt color way. I had to hold the rod as Cayden did battle on this 20 pound class Yellowtail! He did all the work and did an amazing job the whole way through the fight! I only held the rod so it did not go in the water. After a twenty minute battle, his dad Ron, sunk the gaff into this beautiful local fish! We managed 4 nice fish for the morning and left them biting! Yikes, I know! It killed me, but, we were off to some wide open Calico Bass for Cayden. Accomplished the two goals, great time watching Cayden battle his fish! Awesome as always Ron!