Local Yellowtail and Catalina Calico Bass

Charter with Tim Vos of Sport Chalet in Torrance and his buddy Dustin. All day trip to target Local Yellowtail and Catalina Calico Bass. Been doing some all day trips like this because the local Calico bite has been tough. Started out looking for a bird schools. After a few hours looking and almost pulling the plug, I get a sonar mark behind the Southern Cal out of Pierpoint Landing, and all hell breaks loose with foaming Yellows all over the boat! I hear Dustin go, "Oh @##t I don't know whats going on, but, I think somethings on!" Tim and I are trying to get bit, so , I drop my rod to help Dustin. Dustin is fishing a Shimano 8000 Saragosa reel on a Terez 72MH rod and 65 Power Pro and 50 pound leader with a KICKER 25L Surface Iron, so I knew he was on the right gear! After little help we get his 25 pound class fish on the boat! That melee ended so did the bite. Pointed the Ranger towards the east end of Catalina Island for some great Calico Bass fishing with Tim get his PB at 6.25 pounds! All are Calico Bass were caught on Jackall Squad Minnow 128. High light at the island was watching an 8 pound Calico trying to eat my bait right at the boat! Thanks guys for a great trip and congratulations Dustin on your first Yellow!