Field Testing with Dan Thorburn and Shin Yamada from Shimano

Out field testing on Wednesday May 13th with Dan Thorburn Shimano America Corporation and Shin Yamada fro Shimano Japan. Catalina Island was our field test destination. Little bumpy going out and coming home, but, the island itself was really nice all day. Water temp is still nice at 63-66 degrees. Pulled into my first area and it was biting right away on some three pounders! Slowly slowed when we had two Calico eating sea lions   hanging around us. Moved to the back for pretty much nothing! Moved back to were we started and got into biters right away, until the sea lions came back. Moved down the front for steady biters with some real nice ones! Dan lost a really good one on the surface iron that would have easily broken his personal best! Dan did a get a small Yellowtail in 10 feet of water on the iron. 

Really excited about what is coming and being a part of the design process! Don't ask any questions as you will have to wait until next year 2016!