JR Moore with his son Tre and some local Calico Bass

JR Moore and his family out here for a family wedding / vacation, visiting from New Jersey. Wanted to experience some of our local inshore fishery. JR has fished here before, but, never inshore for Calico Bass. So JR's first Calico Bass is over 6 pounds! He got that fish on a weedless Jackall Ammonite Shad! It was slow fishing to start until the turn of the tide and we had a good window of biting fish! It finally slowed I moved to different section of kelp and picked away at them until the wind picked up. Tre got into the action picking away at a few bass himself, but, JR was right at home fishing the bow like a seasoned Calico guy! By the way JR has his own skiff back home and fishes regularly when the ice thaws lol. Great haveing both Tre and his dad JR. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hope to see you down the road.