Catalina Island Sunday April 12th

Back to back Catalina Island with Nick and his dad Charles Connors. Little bumpy first thing and all the way to the east end of the island. Stopped at the east end for a few decent Calico Bass and we were off to try and get a Yellowtail at the Farnsworth Bank. Spent about an hour and half for nothing. Good fish marks, but, conditions were not the best. Decided it was time to go back to Calico Bass fishing. Slower bite than the day before, but, picked away at them from spot to spot. Continued west for not too much. Mid day i decided to move back east and take advantage of smooth conditions on the front to get there in no time. Pulled in and they were biting! The Umbrella rig and the surface Iron were killing it! First time Nick was throwing the Umbrella Rig and he was digging it! The rig I have been fishing has been the "Plain Jane" Pro Series by Matt Newman. Thing just holds for Calico Bass and Spotties! I teamed it up with 3/8oz. Plain WAR Baits and 4" Big Hammers with one #3 Silver Willow Blade in the center of the five arm rig. The surface Iron I was throwing on a Shimano Torium 20A reel, 80 pound Power Pro, Teramar 90H rod, and surface iron of choice was a KICKER 25 in Mint/White! All of our fish caught on the east end to finish the day! Ride home was awesome! Thanks again Nick and Charles!