San Clemente Island Saturday

Had a chance to fish two of my good friends, Keith Michael, my current tournament team partner, and my past tournament partner, Eric Neiman. Between the the both of them, we have won an AOY, Elite Chamionship, and a number of tournament wins! They are both current Shimano pro staffers and all around good people to fish with. Today was no different as San Clemente Island was our destination. We were targeting Cod (Red Snapper, Ling's, etc), Yellowtail, and Calico Bass.

I knew it would be a tough morning bite, so we decided to get the cod thing out of the way. After an hour were able to get enough for eats. We fished outside the West end around the 9 Fathom area. Was hoping for the Yellowtail to pop, which never did. We worked our way up the front and picked away at Calico Bass. We had to find off colored water to get the biters. We got into one are of off colored water that chewed the Kicker 25L's really good. We had dark over cast skies and we figured out that the darker colored irons were getting bit good. We also caught a few Yellows in random areas that I tagged and we released. Ended up back up at the west end for a quick flurry and a nice sized bonito by Eric. Lots of laughs and good friendship along with fun fishing all day! Weather going to the island was a little cold with a mixed swell on the back. Coming was an 1.5 hour ride home in the dark at average speed of 43.6 miles per hour! Winter is here, but, the fishing is still solid! I heard they bit good on the beach at PV also. Water temp outside ranged from 66.7-68 degrees for November 28th!